Fast COVID-19 Testing

The Liberty Dayton Regional Medical Center has another new device to test for COVID-19. With this new   machine, the local hospital can now do PCR Antigen Testing at the hospital. Results of this new test are known in most cases in about an hour. Thursday on the KSHN Party Line Jennifer Houghton long time lab technician and assistant manager of the lab said, to get a test from the hospital does require a testing order or prescription from a doctor. The test is done with a nasal or throat swab. Mrs. Houghton said when the nasal swab is done any discomfort lasts only about three seconds.  In addition, the hospital also has a supply of the COVID-19 antibody tests which is accomplished with a blood draw. Antibody testing is used to determine any past COVID-19 infections. That test also requires a doctor’s order. To make an appointment the main switchboard number is 936-336-7213.

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