Fill ‘er up

One of the complaints often heard around south liberty county is that property taxpayer money goes to the Liberty Municipal Airport operation, that nobody uses. Well, that’s really not an accurate statement. On a recent visit to the facility, we were able to document 3 airplanes and one helicopter using the facility in just about 10 minutes.

A brief conversation with Airport Manager Phil Robertson also shows that of the 20 T-hangers available to lease at the airport, all of them are currently leased with nine more people on a waiting list. So the next time you hear that kind of remark point out to the person telling you that they probably don’t use the airport but many do and that includes dollars flowing into the airport coming from out of town.

The longstanding high aircraft fuel sales, both aviation gas and jet fuel, are priced low here and that generates lots of stops in Liberty from elsewhere to fill’er up.

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