First steps for new hospital in Liberty and site donated

It has now been a conversation piece for a long time but now the Liberty County Hospital District President Bruce Stratton has announced the districts intent to move forward to build a state of the art all new hospital within the hospital district boundaries. Mr. Stratton said, a first class health care facility is essential, as is the desire to ensure the services provided will continue to be available well into the future. Stratton said, it is time to work towards the development of a replacement hospital facilityLast Monday Mr. Stratton reported to the Dayton City Council, and said the hospital district board of directors, had tried for more than a year to find a suitable site in Dayton, but were unable to do so.  With that, he said there is, within the Liberty city limits, locations with potential for a new hospital. Perhaps most importantly, he said, the site was offered as a donation to the Hospital District, from the Pickett family, significantly reducing project costs and the time necessary to complete the property acquisition process. The hospital district board had said they wanted a 30 acre campus. This donated site is bigger,  35 acres on State Highway 146, at the corner of FM 1011 and 146.  This site is easily accessible, and is currently undeveloped, thus avoiding any demolition period and related costs. Now that a site for the replacement hospital has been chosen and is available, the hospital leadership team will work to identify funding sources, and proceed with site soil tests and preparing a site survey. A Phase 1 environmental assessment survey will also be performed, and a leadership team will seek out and hire an architect to provide a design for the new hospital, also allowing time for citizen input. A bond referendum for this important project is expected to be held during the May 2021 election cycle. Construction is tentatively scheduled to commence during the first quarter of 2022 with the hope the hospital would be completed and open to the public in the summer of 2023. (Previous Story here)

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