Follow up on Hull Daisetta Coach

In response to listener’s request we sought to do an update on a report we did back in early June. That’s when KSHN reported A Hull-Daisetta teacher/coach, Jeff Martin, was placed on administrative leave, and an investigation on his conduct was ongoing. At the time of the report Hull-Daisetta Superintendent of Schools Tim Bartram, said an eight year employee of the school district, Coach Jeff Martin was put on administrative leave on April 6th. Mr. Bartram, in a news release, said the district was presented evidence that Coach Martin may have had an inappropriate relationship with former Hull Daisetta students. The district immediately reported the allegations to authorities, including the Liberty County Constable for precinct #2. Hull-Daisetta School Superintendent, Tim Bartram, says Jeff Martin had passed an FBI background check before he was hired back in 2013. The school district was working with law enforcement on the investigation. Most recently living in Lumberton, Jeffrey Brent Martin, age 32, was arrested in early October following a ground jury indictment on the charge of sexual assault of a child. Jeff Martin is reported to have bonded out of jail in about 12 hours after his arrest when he posted a $50,000 bond, according to Liberty County jail records. According to county records, Jeff Martins bond and conditions of his release were set by 253rd District Judge Chap Cain.

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