Foot Traffic in local businesses

The effects of the COVID-19 Shutdown, on Local businesses, has started to be felt. The City of Liberty recently did a study of foot traffic for local businesses during the shutdown. Assistant City Manager Chris Jarman said the company doing the research looked at cell phone data for retail stores and restaurants in the city. He said data shows a decline in foot traffic during that time period. Mr. Jarman said home improvement stores saw a sharp increase in foot traffic during the shutdown. The Assistant City Manager said the City of Liberty should get the March sales tax number soon, a couple of months behind the foot traffic data. Late March is when the shutdown began in Liberty. The March report will give the City a glimpse of what is to come when the April sales tax report is released. Chris Jaman said it’s clear the City of Liberty coffers will suffer from a decline in sales tax revenue for that COVID-19 shutdown time period.

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