Former Liberty County Sheriffs deputy has lost appeal

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

A former Liberty County Sheriffs deputy- Jeremy Marcantel,  has lost his appeal of a district court’s decision to dismiss his wrongful termination suit that was filed against former Liberty Sheriff Henry Patterson, who preceded Sheriff Bobby Rader in that position. Sheriff Bobby Rader was not a party to the legal action.  It was the unanimous opinion of the Texas Ninth District Court of Appeals who agreed with a lower courts decision to throw out the former employee’s lawsuit. The decision said – quote- We hold that Marcantel's live plea fails to allege a claim over which Ninth District court of appeals holds jurisdiction.”-end quote. The decision further stated that “As a result, the trial courts judgment is affirmed.” Texas Appeals court Justice Hollis Horton wrote the opinion, which was concurred by Justices Steve McKeithen and Leanne Johnson making the ruling unanimous. Marcantel was fired from his Deputy Sheriff’s job back in March, 2011.  In his suit he further alleged that he was the victim of retaliation under the States Whistleblower Act, breach of his employment contract with the county, defamation, negligent injury, malicious prosecution, and a violation of his constitutional rights, among his claims. The case names then Liberty County Sheriff Henry Patterson. Patterson’s successor, Sheriff Bobby Rader is not a party in the suit.   After the appeals court previously remanded the case back to the district court, Liberty County amended its plea, however Marcantel continued with his original allegations.

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