Four charged with organized criminal activity

Wednesday afternoon, September 9th, The Liberty County Sheriff’s Department charged three people with attempting to slip an unspecified contraband to an inmate in the County Jail. In total, 4 individuals were charged, including inmates who was already in custody and others who now have joined them behind bars. Investigator J. R. McQueen says the Sheriff’s department has been closely monitoring such activity to prevent illegal acts from being conducted in the jail. Investigator McQueen said information has been received about attempts to smuggle contraband to inmates. At least one inmate had planned to sell or consume the contraband. Before one inmate could receive the contraband it was intercepted by S. O. deputies. At the request of sheriff’s investigators, Justice of the Peace Ralph Fuller’s issued four warrants for the offense of Engaging in the Organized Criminal Activity of attempting to get a prohibited Substance into a Correction Facility. The charge is a 3rd degree felony. Investigators have now arrested Brent Jones- age 25. He is the brother of inmate Heaven Platt, age 26.

Also arrested was Rebecca Armstrong, age 51, the mother of inmate Tom Armstrong, age 34. Armstrong was served his warrant already in he Liberty Co. Jail. Investigator McQueen said this and other investigations continue to prevent this and other illegal activities inside the Liberty County Jail. The Sheriffs office is advising citizens who may have plans to either attempt, or conduct this type of illegal activity may find themselves facing similar felony charges.

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