Four Month Old Child Injured By Mom In Car

A desperate 911 call to the Liberty County Sheriff’s dispatcher at about 6:pm Friday the 13th from a mother who said she had just run over her 4-month old daughter and was taking her to a Houston hospital in her personal vehicle. That call put several emergency personnel into action. An ambulance finally met the mother and child at a parking lot in Montgomery County where the baby and her mother were transported by emergency medical service to Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston. According to lead Patrol Investigator Deputy Ben Garcia there was initially a language barrier when the mother was talking to the dispatcher. That left emergency personnel with minimal information to help. Since the mother was also transported to the hospital with her baby daughter, Dep. Garcia was not able to interview her for more information. Deputy Garcia did talk to witnesses in the Grand San Jacinto Sub-Division near Plum Grove of north Liberty County where the accident occurred. It appears the mother put her vehicle in “drive” and accidentally drove forward striking her child sitting in a swing in the front yard. That’s when the mother called 9-1-1 and language barrier began. No word on how serious the injuries are to the child. Dep. Ben Garcia said it appears the child may have head injuries. The investigation continues on this incidental injury to a 4 month old child when her mother accidentally put her car in drive and struck the baby in the driveway.

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