Hard work and Determination of a LCSO Deputy

Joshua Mooney

The hard work and determination of a Liberty County Deputy on a burglary case has led to an arrest  of a Liberty County man on a burglary case. Deputy Brad Taylor had responded to a car burglary on CR 2403 in Hull.  Among items stolen were a purse, a Bible and other personal items.  Information in a news release related how Deputy Taylor was not content to just take the burglary report and move on to other calls. The lawman began an all day follow up investigation resulting in an arrest and the recovery of not only the stolen property from a similar theft the same night. Victim of the first theft called her credit card companies to cancel them. Later that day a man, wearing a camouflage mask and a distinctive shirt tried to buy merchandise from a local drive in store. The cards were declined and a security camera recorded the transaction. The store clerk advised that the person left in a white car, but was not able to get a license number. Deputy Taylor started what turned out to be a lengthy investigation, During the deputies investigation he talked local citizens to find out more. The store clerk said the same suspect used cash to buy similar items he tried to buy earlier.  The clerk knew it was the same suspect because of the distinctive shirt he was still wearing. This time the bad guy had his sleeves rolled up revealing tattoos. This time the suspect was not wearing a covid mask and left in a blue Dodge and the clerk got a plate number and  quality video. Deputy Brad Taylor did more interviews with local residents and got a possible street name used by many who do not want to be readily identified. The street name was Ghost. Deputy Taylor then made contact with another Sheriff’s Deputy, Sergeant Paul Young. Young is versed on street names for this area. Deputy Brad Taylor then worked to connect the picture and street name to one person.  Liberty County deputies were parked on FM 834 when they spotted the blue Dodge parked nearby. Deputies then observed 30-year old Joshua Mooney walking on FM 834 towards them. Mooney fit the description and was still wearing that unusual shirt from earlier. Mooney saw the deputies and tried to elude officers. The suspect did not follow the deputies order and tried to flee. Deputies apprehended Mooney but he resisted. Joshua Mooney made threats to Deputy Taylor and his family. Mooney was in possession of a crystal like substance, and had fake money bills all with the same serial numbers. The stolen property was recovered at several locations. The stolen property was returned to its owners. Mooney was charged with possession of a controlled substance, resisting arrest, evading arrest, credit card abuse and terroristic threat against a peace officer. He was lodged in the Liberty County Jail. Deputy Brad Taylor came in for high praise for a job well done..  

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