Hardin ISD goes virtual

This past Friday, Hardin ISD did not hold classes due to new cases of COVID being identified among their student body. Then yesterday, Monday - was a professional development day so students were out then as well. In addition, Friday was the bye week for the Hardin High School football team. Dr. Darrell Myers, interim superintendent told KSHN - that allowed them the weekend to get a better grasp of what the district was dealing with as far as COVID was concerned. Now, with 8 confirmed cases of COVID between teachers and students plus 20 students on contact quarantine at the high school and a class at the elementary school on contact quarantine as well, the Hardin ISD has decided to hold all classes online through Friday of this week, and then return to campus no sooner than Monday November 16. Interim Superintendent Dr. Myers said this is an effort to err on the side of caution and protect the health of our students and staff. Hardin ISD will require faculty and staff to report to school during normal working hours while students will engage in virtual learning from their homes.

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