Hazard Pay for Sheriff Deputies

At the July 28th meeting of Liberty County Commissioners Court, one item discussed was Sheriff Bobby Rader’s request for hazardous duty pay for deputies. That request called for uniformed deputies to receive $8.00 per hour in addition to their normal pay, and administrative staff to receive $4.00 per hour for each hour worked during the Texas Governors executive order, and/or in any case of a Liberty County Judge Executive order. In addition, if a Mayor of a major city in Liberty County has ordinances that law enforcement personnel may be required to enforce. The start date proposed is to be the 28th of July of this year.  The order would remain in effect until September 30th of this year which is the end of the current fiscal budget year, or until the order is cancelled, whichever comes first. Sheriff Rader explained that these funds would be payroll line item from his existing budget. During the commissioner’s court meeting on Tuesday of this week, Precinct 4 Commissioner Leon Wilson asked Rader where the sheriff’s department would get the funds to make this hazardous duty line item addition to pay the deputies. Sheriff Rader said by using funds that were already in the budget for 5 new deputies who have not yet been hired, the Liberty County Sheriff would not need new budget allocations to pay this hazardous duty addition to their hourly wages. The item received unanimous approval.

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