HD Elementary closing for 2 weeks

Out of, what is being called,  an “abundance of caution”  Hull Daisetta Elementary campus in Hull has been closed for the next 14 days, that’s ten school days.  Hull Daisetta Superintendent Tim Bartram reported they had 4 students who were displaying COVID symptoms, and that is why they decided to close the campus to in person instruction.  They will, however, resume virtual instruction right away, according to Superintendent Tim Bartram.   

Again, only Hull Daisetta Elementary school has closed for on campus education, for the next 14 days, or 10 school days, after four students showed COVID symptoms. Superintendent Bartram said, as of yesterday, there were no confirmed cases at the elementary school. There was one confirmed case of Covid – 19 to an employee at Hull Daisetta High School in Daisetta, but after careful examination by the school districts committee it was determined that employee was not in contact with members of the high school student body and other staff members and so no action was taken at the High School campus. Again the elementary school on FM 834 in Hull has been closed down for two weeks after some 4 students there developed symptoms of coronavirus.       

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