Help Day for Deputy Whitten

In early February it was widely reported that Liberty Co. Deputy Sheriff Richard Whitten died with what was said to be a heart attack. At the time he was in physical therapy at a Houston Medical rehabilitation facility. He was there because in 2019 this courageous Deputy was shot in the neck while attempting to apprehend an armed murder suspect who had just shot and killed a woman and then also shot two men all at a business location in mid-Liberty County. Deputy Whitten’s injury resulted in critical injuries that left him paralyzed. This Saturday, volunteers are being asked to pitch in and help Deputy Whitten’s widow and family catch up on work that’s needed around the property and house.

Mrs. Whitten had stayed by Richard’s side at the hospital throughout his fight for life. In the nine months between when he was shot and his passing lots of stuff fell by the wayside the really needed to be done. Now a volunteer workday will be held this Saturday from 8 am to 2 pm to help Deputy Sheriff Richard Whitton’s widow with yard and household chores that have been left unattended. For those who would like to volunteer, please contact Doug Taylor 832-452-3183. That number again is 832-452-3183.

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