High Speed Internet Dayton

One project reported on extensively, is the ambitious City of Dayton’s internet cabling project. The goal being to be able to offer eventually all of the city of Dayton high speed WIRED internet as a utility. This would not be a required hook up like water, sewer or electric, but an option for residents and businesses alike. City Manager Theo Meloncon said the internet option from the city would have speeds of nearly 1 gigabit for users, much higher than most private companies can offer. Ann Miller, Executive Director with the DCDC, or Dayton Community Development Corporation, said when she first moved to the city, she had no wired internet option, and while that has changed, she looks forward to having this new option in her neighborhood.

City Manager Theo Meloncon said the plan and hope is that the high speed internet will cost about $80 a month, well within the range of what other company’s like AT&T or Comcast currently offers in the area.

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