Hospital District Board announces plans for new hospital facility (VIDEO)

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Liberty County Hospital District Board President Bruce Stratton made a huge announcement to the Dayton City Council during the Monday night meeting. The announcement greatly centered on the much discussed plans to build a new hospital for south Liberty County.  It was back in the summer of last year when the Liberty County hospital district board began serious consideration of building a new facility.  With that, they began to search for the areas available to put such a facility within the boundaries of the hospital district.  Bruce Stratton said they would need an area of about 30 acres. In his presentation to Dayton City Council, Hospital District Board President Bruce Stratton said they have looked to the Dayton area for a location, but that effort was unsuccessful.            

If the donated property passes the required tests, the hospital district is expected to accept that donation.  The facility as described by Board President Bruce Stratton, would roughly be a $30 million facility with the ability to do all manner of medical procedures other than perhaps the most technically advanced such as some forms of heart surgery.  Again, the Liberty County Hospital Board announced Monday night at the Dayton City Council meeting they have been gifted a 35 acre plot of land in Liberty as the future site of a new hospital facility.  Board President Bruce Stratton said this property is only the start of the process to build a state of the art hospital in south Liberty County.

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