Is Round Up Safe? Local Ag Agent says yes

Liberty County Agri Life Extension Agent Roy Flora

In a recent interview Liberty County Agri Life Extension Agent Roy Flora was on the topic of weed and grass killing.  The well known weed killer, Round Up, was discussed. Roy talked about what is becoming a heavily advertised topic on television. That is about law suits against Round Up. County agent Roy Flora was adamant when he said Round Up is perfectly safe to use. Roy also mentioned that when using Round Up, there are precautions to take. Most importantly follow label directions on the Round Up container. Wear masks when using the product. Wear rubber gloves, and a long sleeve shirt. Also wear goggles and a head covering. Roy’s advice is read label directions. While many are uncertain of how Round Up works, and for how long it lasts as a product that can be harmful to the user.  Roy Flora said Round up will be inert in a fairly short amount of time, leaving little to no residual affect. Mr. Flora stressed that when used properly, and label directions are followed, Round Up is a safe, effective product to use.

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