L-D Hospital Needs Help

As demand for medical care ratchets up the Liberty Dayton Regional Hospital is asking for donations of protective gear for medical workers. Hospital Chief Executive Officer Matt Thornton said the hospital is creating a database of volunteers with health care experience such as nurses, physicians, and pharmacists to name a few. Mr. Thornton stressed that there is currently NOT a need for volunteers, but he would like to be prepared if that need arises. If you are interested in adding your name to the list of volunteers call Jordan Skinner at (936) 336-7316 extension 149. Again, Liberty Dayton Regional Hospital CEO Matt Thornton is asking the public for donations of personal protective equipment such as N-95 masks, surgical masks, and unopened boxes of medical gloves.

Mr. Thornton also said the hospital will accept homemade masks but those masks will only be used in the event medical grade masks are not available. Bring any donations to Liberty Dayton Hospital or call them at (936) 336-7316, extension 149 for more details. Mr. Thornton said, as of now, the hospital has plenty supplies on hand but department heads are concerned they might not be able to replenish those supplies due to the high demand.

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