LCEMS Director Mike Koen says he holds no animosity against the county

We reported this past Friday of the Liberty County Commissioner’s Court decision to temporarily replace longtime ambulance service provider Liberty county EMS with Allegiance Mobile Health. The announcement came suddenly Friday afternoon during a emergency called meeting of County Commissioners. While county officials had high praise for the current service provider, Liberty County EMS has recently been reducing their number of ambulances responding to calls in the county from 3 down to 2, which put them in, what County Attorney Matthew Poston called, breach of contract and the new company was hired on a temporary, emergency contract. Allegiance, who is already providing emergency ambulance service to both the cities of Cleveland and Dayton. Now they are on a month to month contract to provide county wide ambulance service at a cost to the county of $70,000 per month. Liberty County EMS Director Mike Koen sat down with KSHN in a live interview yesterday morning. He said he held no animosity against the county, as he explained how the local ambulance service got to the point financially where they just could no longer keep 3 fully staffed and equipped ambulances on the road 7 days week, around the clock, year around.

Liberty County EMS Director Mike Koen said he understood the decision of the county commissioners, but financially there was just no way his company could operate three ambulances in the county any longer. He also said his highly trained medics were immediately hired by Allegiance Mobile Health to staff their ambulances. Mike Koen said he and two others are still in the office working to inventory equipment and make decisions as to what’s next. Liberty County EMS has had a long reputation of excellence until so much of their income sources was either reduced or eliminated all together. So at this point Liberty County EMS has no ambulances on the road. For those needing medical service in the rural areas of Liberty County should still dial 911 and the new temporary service will be dispatched. The cities of Cleveland, Dayton and Liberty are not affected and those emergency services continue unaffected.