LCHC Distinguished Service Award

Preserving and protecting our history is something that requires diligence, dedication, and determination.  As more and more time passes, things, people, and locations that once were common knowledge are lost to the ongoing march of time. Here in Liberty County, there is a dedicated group of individuals who work to see that our collective history is preserved, and recognized. The Liberty County Historical Commission is an active group striving to maintain the history of Liberty County. This past Tuesday, the Liberty County Historical Commission, was awarded the Distinguished Service Award, for the 9th year in a row. It had been announced earlier by the state historical commission and was presented last Tuesday by the Liberty County Commissioners Court. This significant honor is awarded to county historical commissions by the Texas Historical Commission. To learn more about the Liberty County Historical Commission, and how you can get involved in saving our history, contact Linda Jamison  936 334 5813 or email

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