Liberty City Council 4 8 20

In a special called Liberty City Council meeting on Tuesday, council approved the expenditure of $24,000 to rent a Conex Containment container for 60 days to house any Police and Fire Department personnel who are being quarantined. The council did not want to send a quarantined employee home and potentially expose a family member to COVID-19. The Conex Container – sort of a modular building, will have 2 rooms, and each will have a bed, bathroom, window, and TV. Liberty City Manager Tom Warner told council there is not a need for this container right now. However, he said if the city does not reserve one now, they may not be able to get one as this COVID-19 crisis continues due to the demand.   This modular unit will be located behind the fire department on Lakeland Drive. If needed, the fire department will provide those quarantined with food. In other action the council authorized the city manager to spend up to $100,000 on COVID related expenditures without having to have a council vote.

The city manager will have to justify any expenditure with council at a later date. This action allows the city manager move quickly to get things needed to help in the fight of COVID-19. City council also directed the Liberty Municipal golf course be closed until further notice due to the CLOVID-19 conditions.     

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