Liberty city council will again address housing ordinance

In early November, we reported on new housing ordinance for the city of Liberty created a major controversy and produced quite a buzz at the November 10th city council meeting. Most of the crowd on and during that early November meeting were there to one issue, a housing requirement that, according to some of those in attendance was both restrictive and difficult to adhere to. One issue, for those who may be new home owners in Liberty, is a requirement that the property must be inspected by the city before the electric service, can be transferred into the new owners name and turned on. These residential ordinances require all properties to be inspected by the city inspector for health and safety hazards right down to a crack in a window pane, or a rotted siding board, even going so far as requiring that a home’s address must be visible from the street before city utilities can be turned on at the property. The ordinance apparently requires these inspections must be scheduled, and can take from one to ten days to complete, plus permitting fees must be paid. Liberty City Council agreed they will take another look at this controversial ordinance.

Now the issue will come up at tomorrow nights liberty city council agenda. Agenda item number 5 reads: CONSIDER ADOPTION OF AN ORDINANCE REPEALING ARTICLE 3.13, DIVISION I, “RESIDENTIAL OCCUPANCY REQUIREMENTS,” OF THE CITY OF LIBERTY CODE OF ORDINANCES; AND ESTABLISHING AN EFFECTIVE DATE. KSHN will have a cameraman at the meeting and will upload the entire video to our YouTube channel as soon as possible. For those who would like to watch the original video it is available on our YouTube channel, You can see it by clicking the YouTube link on our front page at KSHN.COM.

Liberty City Council meetings are held at 6 pm in council chambers at Liberty city hall. They are open to the public, masks and social distancing applies.