Liberty County Covid 19 Update

Monday morning, Liberty County Emergency Management officials reported the second death and the 43rd, 44th, and 45th cases of confirmed Coronavirus cases in Liberty County. Liberty Co. Emergency Management officials, tell us the 43rd case is North Liberty County woman 60-70 years of age and she is hospitalized. She lives in North Liberty County. The 44th case is a woman 30-40 year of age from the South end of Liberty Co. who is recovering at home. The 45th confirmed COVID-19 case is a woman 30-40 years old in the south end of the county also recovering at home. Also, on Monday, the Liberty County office of emergency management regrettably confirmed the county's 2nd death due to complications from the virus. The woman who died was the 36th person confirmed to have COVID-19 back on April 22nd. She lived in South Liberty County and was 70 to 80 years old. That was Liberty County’s second death from effects of coronavirus that we reported Monday morning. Again, there are now a total of 45 residents who have been conformed to have the virus, many have recovered and there two deaths reported from effects of COVID 19.

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