Liberty County COVID hits 30 Deaths

Liberty County fatalities blamed on the coronavirus has now climbed to 30 according to the Crista Beasley-Adams, director of the Liberty County Emergency Management office. That was part of a report from the state health department released late Wednesday. That update included 50 new cases of confirmed cases of covid -19 that we report daily here on KSHN, 50 new cases of Liberty County citizens is one of the biggest single days we have reported since the count began in Mid-March of this year when all of this madness began. Liberty County now has a overall total of 841 confirmed cases of citizens diagnosed as having Covid 19. The update from the Liberty County Emergency Management office also said Liberty County presently has 390 active cases with 421 citizens now listed as having recovered. Of the 50 new cases there is an even split where 25 are female and 25 are male in this latest report. The majority of those latest new 50 confirmed cases were in the age category of 20 to 30. That age group had 15 people diagnosed to have the coronavirus here in Liberty county. 39 were from north Liberty County and 11 from south county. So, of this latest 50 new cases makes now for 841 Liberty Countians confirmed positive since mid-March. And overall 30 now are reported to have died from Covid symptoms who are from Liberty County.

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