Liberty County COVID Nears 950

The Liberty County number of citizens confirmed positive for covid 19 continues to climb.  As of Wednesday morning 33 new cases are reported. Since the state began keeping records in mid March Liberty County has now 946 residents on record as being confirmed covid 19 cases during the life span of the pandemic. In that same period, since mid-march,  a total of 34 Liberty County residents have died from the effects of this terrible virus. Again, this latest report, released by the Liberty County Emergency Management office Wednesday morning, shows 33 new confirmed cases. Of those, 14 are from north county and 19 are from the south end of Liberty County.  Among those 33 just diagnosed with covid, 15 are male and 19 female.  Of those 946 confirmed cases overall in Liberty County 391 are considered still actively being treated.  So again there re 33 new cases of covid as of yesterday and 34 Liberty County residents have died from the symptoms of this terrible virus since mid-march. However, the good news is 521 are now reported to have recovered.    


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