Liberty County Jail

Liberty County Commissioners Court Judge Jay Knight along with Liberty County Sheriff Bobby Rader, Chief Deputy Don Neyland, Captain Bill Knox, and County Attorney Matthew Poston were all guests of The Party Line Program. Their only reason for being here to talk about the major development that the Liberty County Jail is going back under the management of the Sheriff’s Department. That is a major development after about 27 years of contracting out the jail management to a privately owned company. As we reported earlier, a new Jail Administrator, Raye Carnes, has been hired to oversee operations of the over 250 bed jail facility and its 90 plus jail employees. The County Jail has been run by contractors since 1993, and as contracts end, new bids were called for from those companies in the business of administrating jails and prisons. The current contractor is GEO. Only one bid was received, but they wanted more than a $2 million annual increase for a job they apparently did not want and were the only bidder. That’s when the county leadership decided the sheriff’s department would resume jail operation later this year but it will be a huge change although most of the 94 employees will remain. Last Monday, August 3rd, Commissioners Court approved a budget amendment that allows for the hiring of the new Jail Administrator to serve as warden. She was not on the Party Line program this Monday due to the passing of Raye Carnes mother. This is a return to jail operations by the Sheriff’s department as it had been throughout history until private enterprise was contracted in 1993. The county commissioners court and Sheriff Bobby Rader hope this will also be a return to a more budget friendly operation.

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