Liberty EMS' New Transport Van

For several years the Liberty Fire and EMS has had what is called a “transport van” in addition to their fleet of full size ambulances.  Then, after many years and more than 100,000 hardworking miles, that transport van gave up the ghost, so to speak, when the vehicles transmission failed.  

Full size ambulance interior

 A new all  red one was ordered and equipped, to replace the old white one. Now according to Liberty City Fire Chief Brian Hurst, it’s been in service here for about a month. Its clear this chief also prefers bright red equipment to the white one. This new van came in with a price tag of about $70,000. That’s about half the price of a full size unit.  The chief said the only difference in the transport van and the more typical much bigger ambulance is size.  They are both fully equipped to handle medical emergencies. 

Allyssa Robinson in the new Transport Van

These transport vans are typically used for moving a patient from one facility to another without taking a full size unit out of service for what could be hours.  So the next time you see a “little red ambulance” running around, it may well be the new Transport Van, hard at work for the citizens of Liberty and the City of Liberty Emergency Medical Services.

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