Liberty Masonic Lodge #48 annual awards banquet

The Liberty Masonic Lodge #48 held their annual awards banquet Thursday at the Lodge. It had been rescheduled multiple times as the pandemic required changes. Honored were five long time masons and one local non-mason. One Masonic member received the highest honor a Mason can receive from his local Lodge, the cherished Golden Trowel Award and also presented was the Mason’s Community Builder Award. That honor goes to a NON-mason who has excelled in community service over an extended period.  The highest honor a member of the Masonic order can earn is the Golden Trowel Award. It was presented Thursday night to Masonic Secretary John Peebles. The award was presented to Mr. Peebles by fellow Mason and another Golden Trowel recipient, Mike Spears of Liberty. Honored Thursday for his 50-years of distinguished service in the Liberty Masonic Lodge was High Michael McNeil. Also presented high praise and recognition for 40 years of Masonic service was W. Neal Thornton of Liberty- Mr. Thornton received his recognition from the 2020 Masonic Lodge Worshipful Master-   Robert Randolph. Again - Neal Thornton was recognized for 40 years of service. Two more local Masons were honored for their quarter century in the Liberty Lodge NO. 48. They are E. Bruce Mintz and Walter Gregory Dietrich. Both local men came in for high praise for their involvement in the local Masonic Lodge.  The 6th person to be honored Thursday night was Cynthia Smith- editor and publisher of the Liberty Gazette. She  received this years Community Builder Award. That honor goes to a person who is a NON-Mason but is cited for a long list of contributions of quiet service to the Liberty Community. We’ll have a more detailed report on Cynthia Smith’s community service and involvement in a later report.

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