Liberty mother seeks justice in Dayton car crash

Amanda Morales of Liberty contacted KSHN and also Fox Channel 26 TV station in Houston to say she is looking for answers and for justice in the death of her daughter, 27-year old Alyssa Salazar. Ms. Salazar was a passenger who died in a roll over accident on Highway 146, south of Dayton in the early morning hours of July 6th. Mrs. Morales said her daughter got into a car with a driver, who was allegedly inebriated and in no condition to be operating a motor vehicle. The mother, told KSHN, that her daughter was also intoxicated and was said to be asleep while a passenger in that vehicle. It was a single car crash. The unidentified driver, according to a news report on KSHN the day after the accident in early July, lost control crossing four lanes of State Highway 146 South of Dayton, then flipped over at least three times. Alyssa Salazar was partially ejected through the sun roof, and killed in that accident in the early morning hours of July 6th.  Ms. Morales claims that the driver of the car, in which her daughter was a passenger, was taken to a hospital for examination. She was able to leave a few hours later. A grieving Amanda Morales, the victims mother, also claimed that alcohol and marijuana were found in the vehicle.  She claims neither a sobriety test nor a blood test, was conducted on the driver. According to a TV report, Dayton City Police officials say the case has been turned over to the Liberty County District Attorney's Office and will be presented to a grand jury to determine if the driver will face charges.

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