Liberty Municipal Airport budget

Following our report on the Liberty Municipal Airport, a couple of questions were sent in by listeners and viewers in our audience. They’re good good questions, so we did some research. One question was how much does maintenance cost at the Liberty Airport facility each year. The City of Liberty 2019-2020 airport budget allowed for $175,000 for aviation fuel which is then offered for sale to pilots at very low but well known mark-up. There is $16,000 for equipment and motor vehicle maintenance as well as tires oil etc. The budget also has a property maintenance line item at $23,000. The managers’ contract is $18,000 a year, and an additional $2600 under operating supplies. In addition on the expenditure side, the airport has budgeted $68,900 for other charges and services. $50,000 of that total is for capital outlay improvements which is funded by a grant. The total expenditure budget for the fiscal year 2019-2020 at the airport is $304,000. Now let’s look at the revenue side of the budget. Hanger rental is budgeted income at $55,000, fuel sale, $197,000, an additional $2,000 for ground lease at the airport, and $50,000 in grant funds, for a total income of $304,000. It’s a balancing act that the city of liberty has apparently gotten a good hold on. Studies done by the School of Economic Sciences Washington State University found the benefits to rural communities from the activities that occur as a result of their having a rural airport are many although often out of view of community residents. Many of the benefits are of a nature that make their value to the community difficult to quantify, but are real. The university found not having an airport would decrease the quality of health care, decrease the odds of having a viable economic future, reduce the ability of local, state and federal agencies to be able to respond to disasters and emergencies, and would diminish the image these communities have of themselves. All are hard to evaluate but are very real.

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