Liberty Officials report sales tax increase

Mayor Carl Pickett

On a the Monday KSHN Party Line Program Liberty Mayor Carl Pickett and Liberty City Manager Tom Warner were guests. Warner shared what he referred to as great news concerning sales tax income which Mr. Warner said has increased in Liberty despite the pandemic and all of it effects of many other communities, reporting that the city of Liberty Sales Tax rose 4.58% over last year. Warner also pointed out that while many cities have been negatively affected by the Covid 19 pandemic, so far the City of Liberty has been affected in a positive manner and has had an increase in retail sales and with that an increase in sales tax income. Mr. Warner also shared positive news about improvements for the Liberty Municipal Airport. The Texas Department of Transportation Commissioners approved funding for improvements at the airport.

City Manager Tom Warner

Warner also explained that with the many dollar matches from various entities, the 840,000 dollar in improvements will only require 50,000 dollars from the City of Liberty and that will not come from local taxpayers.  Mayor Picket added that an anonymous donor will pay the full 50,000 dollars in matching funds, so the improvements will in fact cost the city taxpayers nothing. Mayor Pickett said at a later date, the donor will be named, but for now that donor has requested anonymity. Warner also spoke of the automated weather station, we have reported on several times, to be installed at the City airport. The new weather station at the airport will take awhile and is an ongoing 15 month project. Mayor Pickett closed his remarks with a reminder that the pandemic is still a concern and urged everyone to follow the hand washing and social distancing policies that are in place. Continue to practice all safety and other guidelines. Tomorrow we will have information about the $42 million fiscal budget that goes into affect at the end of this month. There is also a new ISO rating for the City of Liberty that should bring about improved property insurance rates.

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