LISD Board Meeting

On Tuesday night, the Liberty ISD Board of Trusties met to discuss a number of agenda items. However, for the first time they met telephonically. Assistant Superintendent Dusty McGee said after some initial connection difficulties were worked out the meeting ran smoothly.  With the Coronavirus Pandemic closing schools the Assistant Superintendent said there are a number of thing that must be done in order for the district continue it current operation. Mr. McGee said only Board President Bruce Bell, Superintendent Cody Abshire, LISD Attorney and himself were at the administration building for the meeting. All of the other members were in attendance by phone. Dusty McGee said the school is still providing free meals daily to LISD students.

In a latter report we will hear about the success of the meal distribution program. Again, on Tuesday night the LISD Board of Trusties met electronically by telephone. The big item discussed at the meeting was empowering administrators to legally be able to maintain continuity of operations for LISD.

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