LISD Bus Safety

With the scheduled start of the school year coming soon, the Liberty ISD will have face to face classes in addition to virtual classes. They are finalizing plans to provide a safe environment on their buses. Liberty ISD Director of Transportation is Robert Ward. He has had that awesome challenge for 15 years, since ’05 He tells us, LISD has 32 working buses for which they run 25 routes and, the most recent count is, to transport about 800 kids and get them home safely so they can do it all again the next day.   Their goal is to make sure each bus is disinfected after each trip. Liberty ISD will require all students and drivers to wear a mask, When kids get on the bus, they will use hand sanitizer that drivers will dispense and then when exiting the bus students will again clean their hands. The Liberty school district is using a quick drying disinfectant mist on their buses, so after each trip, the bus will be fogged with the mist. Mr. Ward told us this is a fast drying disinfectant that takes only about 15 minutes to fully dry. The buses will also get the full disinfectant treatment when used for field trips or other activities during the school day. Robert Ward said the goal is to have students always getting on a bus that has been disinfected each time they ride. At the end of the day, after the buses have been fogged with the disinfectant mist, they will be wiped down.  As conditions warrant, LISD leadership is also prepared to add additional safety measures on the buses.

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