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We have word about Liberty Panther home game football ticket sales - but the big news is, due to the state social distancing rules, there will be no reserved seats available. The season begins on August 28th with a home game. There are only four home games for Liberty in this 2020 high school football season. Liberty High School Districts Angela Kriegel does assure fans who have had season tickets that they have the records of those season ticket holders on file and will be there when the High School is able to offer season packages again. But in the meantime, home game ticket sales will be very different. Here’s the new ticket policies. Parents of Varsity Players, Varsity Cheerleaders, Band members & the Drill team will all be able to purchase up to 4 home game ticket packets per participant that a family has in those various high school programs. General Admission ticket packets are 20 dollars each for the entire season-all four home games. Student ticket packets are 12 dollars each for the entire home season. Here is how you buy those season tickets for parents or guardians of participants of varsity football, varsity cheerleaders, band members, and varsity drill team members. Now pay close attention to location and times –they are very different than in the past. The adult or student ticket packets will be available for parents or guardians for purchase August 17th thru 21st at the north end of the home side of Memorial Stadium, between 9:00 AM and Noon Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Then On Tuesday and Thursday, those packets may be purchased between Noon and 3:00 PM.  After that is over then the general student body and the general public may buy their ticket packets, for the same price, for the four home games from August 24 through August 27th at the north end of Memorial Stadium. That week Monday and Wednesday from 9 till noon and Tuesday and Thursday from noon until 3 PM.  No ticket sales on Friday the 28th of August . Should the school be allowed to add capacity for home games, tickets may be purchased on game day. Angela Kreigel may be contacted for additional information at 936-336-7213, extension 1250.

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