LISD Headed back to school this fall

The surge of COVID-19 cases in the state is causing schools across the state to modify how education will take place this fall. Yesterday, Liberty ISD announced their back to school plans. LISD Superintendent Dr. Cody Abshire, in a press release, says the district will offer TWO TYPES OF INSTRUCTION this coming school year. The traditional in-person instruction begins Wednesday, August 12th. The LISD will also offer remote learning beginning the same date. All Liberty students will be issued a Chromebook or iPads no later than the first day of school to help get them up and going with their assignments. Now, in this month of July, the Liberty school district will announce training dates for students and parents on how the learning system is going to work. All Liberty students will be taught how to access the instructional applications, how to submit an assignment, how to communicate with their teachers and peers, and also how to access needed support. Its important to note attendance will be taken daily with at least four hours each day dedicated to instruction. Grading will be the same for in-person instruction and remote learning. It’s important to note, for in person instruction, the schools will be sanitized daily and will follow social distancing guidelines whenever possible. Again, LISD Superintendent Dr. Cody Abshire says AS OF RIGHT NOW the Liberty School district will start in-person instruction and remote learning on Wednesday, August 12th. 

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