LISD hears concerns about remote learners

Tuesday night, the Liberty School Board met in regular session. On the agenda were reports from the Principals of the four school campuses, and learned what may be considered some bad news. All four principals said they had concerns for those students who were remote learning. Starting with San Jacinto Elementary school principal Lisa Goodwin said the concerns on her campus is, in her opinion, the students, both the remote students and in class students, are not getting the best from the teachers. Not that the teachers are not doing all they can, but that the duel education system is taking away from the teachers ability to give their best to their students. Principal Goodwin said there are some portions of elementary education simply can not be duplicated online. Also, Stephanie Cox, Liberty Elementary School Principal said a comparison between the remote and in person students shows the number of those failing at least 1 class was much higher in the remote learning group.

Middle school principal Rhonda Smith and high school principal Benicia Bendele both echoed similar information, the percentage of students failing at least one class in the remote learning student population was much higher than those who attended class on campus.

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