LISD - Masks provided by the district

School is getting ready to start, the Liberty Independent School District officials have developed some guidelines for students to protect themselves and others while on school property. Among some precautionary measures - students should do a self evaluation daily before coming to school or even boarding transportation. Regular washing of hands is being encouraged both prior to coming to school and when using rest room facilities. The district says students will also be trained on proper hand washing techniques, as well as regularly scheduled hand washing times throughout the day. Students will work hard to proper social distancing, including wearing face coverings. The face coverings will be non-medical face masks/shields that cover the nose and mouth. Masks will be worn on school district property and while being transported in district vehicles. An exception to the mask wearing rules is when the student is taking part in an activity where wearing thee mask is not feasible. The school district will provide every student, who attends school in person, with both a face shield and a mask, which will allow student the choice of wearing either the mask or face shield. However, students are not allowed to wear masks or shields that were not provided by Liberty ISD. Any student who fails to abide by the District’s face covering policy will be sent home and required to participate in remote instruction. Liberty ISD guidelines are designed to protect students as the school year begins.

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