LISD Pushes Start Date Back

No surprise but it has happened again. On Tuesday night the Liberty ISD Trustees changed their school start date again. Trustees approved a recommendation of the administrative staff to modify the new Instructional calendar.  The new first day for all LISD classes has now been moved from mid-August to September 8. We are told this new start date will accommodate the districts preparation to use of the states new digital instructional supports.  Those students attending Lee College will receive a separate communication regarding their dual-credit start date. This change comes in light of the announcement made by Texas Education Commissioner Mike Morath last Thursday July 16, 2020,  regarding the pending release of the Texas Home Learning 3.0, which is critical for ensuring continuity between instructional delivery choices (face to face and remote).  More detailed information will be forthcoming concerning parent training's that were planned for next week.  They too have been pushed back.  That date has not yet been announced. Again, the original school start date was is August but now has been pushed back to classes starting to September 8. We did learned last night that athletic schedules such as Football and Volleyball has not changed and those schedules will continue as we have been reporting.   As we have often said hold your breath because another change maybe forthcoming but that is where we are right now. Classes starting on September 8th.


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