Medical professional say's infection with COVID is fast and wide spread

So many months have come and gone since the COVID 19 pandemic began.  As people around the world work their way through the many restrictions of wearing a mask and social distancing.  Some may be asking why.  On a KSHN RadioVision Partyline this week, Dr. Hasan Kakli, who practices at the fast growing Liberty Dayton Regional Medical Center, said the reason COVID is so dangerous is the speed at which it can so easily spread.  Dr. Kakli compared the COVID virus to the flu, and pointed out that COVID is the perfectly designed virus for spreading.          

Dr. Kakli is one of the Emergency Room physicians that practices medicine through the local hospital with the Concord Medical Group.  This physician-owned and operated organization provides highly trained physicians to meet the needs almost entirely of rural Emergency Departments, mostly in small town hospitals .

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