Mom's are the best

Ah yes, Sunday is Mother’s Day.  Yesterday, we talked about the history of when Mother’s Day began in the United States. Today we will talk about how this special mom’s day has grown over the years. According to in 1914, President Woodrow Wilson officially established Mother’s Day as the 2nd Sunday in May. Over the years, husbands and children started to buy flowers, candy, and cards for mothers. Anna Jarvis who worked to make this day about mother’s got frustrated with what she saw as a commercialized day. Eventually Jarvis started to campaign against candy makers, florists, and even charities that made money off the day. She filed many lawsuits against these groups that used the name Mother’s Day. Ms. Jarvis spent almost all of her money on these suits. Jarvis ended up disowning the holiday and lobbying to have the day removed from the U.S. calendar before her death in 1948. Those efforts did not work, and the day continued to grow. The National Retail Federation says last year Americans spent over $24 billion on gifts, flowers, and candy. This year they expect spending to top $26 Billion.  The Retail Federation predicts the average a person spends this year on mom is around $204. So, remember tomorrow is Mother’s Day whether Anna Jarvis likes it or not and Don’t forget  --- let your mom know how much you love and appreciate her. 

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