Monday COVID Report

Monday’s report, received yesterday, reflected 29 new confirmed cases of coronavirus from the Texas State Health Department as reported then to the Liberty County Emergency Management Office.  Those 29 new cases brings the total number of cases to 1526 since mid-March county wide when reporting began. Of those residents 103 are now referred to as having an active condition while 1377 are a very impressive number of cases that were formerly active but now are said to have recovered.  Also of those 29 new cases 19 were from up north and 10 were from the south end.  Still of those 29 new cases 21 are under 50 years of age. Let us point out, there are several trusted medical organizations who monitor those numbers and counts vary on most. That’s not a surprise because there just so many variables but let us note here that one of the other recognized counts is Johns Hopkins University Medical Center. The state health department and Johns Hopkins U. were formerly very close but now the difference is more than 500 cases. Again, the latest 29 new cases brings the overall number of cases through yesterday to 1526. Now, only 103 are said to be active cases. The recovered cases now amount to 1377 liberty County residents. Of those whose death has been attributed to coronavirus symptoms in Liberty County there are now 46 who have died due to symptoms of this monster virus. That just here in Liberty County Texas.                   

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