Monday Radiogram 3 9 2020

Volume 35, No. 45 Monday, March 9, 2020

Cleveland Mayor Dies: The Mayor of the City of Cleveland, Otis Malcolm Cohn, died Friday at the age of 62, after a lengthy illness. His family was at his side. Funeral arrangements are complete. Visitation will be from 5-8 p. m. tomorrow March 10, at Pace-Stancil Funeral Home Chapel in Cleveland. The Funeral service will then be 10:00 a.m., Wednesday, March 11, at Calvary Baptist Church 816 N. Blair St. Cleveland. Interment follows at Cleveland Memorial Park Cemetery. He is survived by his wife Mary Merrill Cohn. Otis Cohn’s full time profession was as an attorney and he practiced law with his sister, Mollie Cohn Lambert, who is well known to listeners of KSHN. Carolyn McWaters, mayor pro-tem of Cleveland, said Clevelandhas lost its beloved mayor. She said Mayor Cohn faithfully served the citizens of that city as both city councilman and mayor. He has been instrumental in leading Cleveland’s transformational progress over the last several years, and his leadership and friendship will be missed. Liberty County Judge Jay Knight directed flags in the Clevelandarea be flown at half –staff. Judge Knight got that approval from Gov. Greg Abbott.


Provisional Ballots: As reported, only two votes separated 2nd and 3rd place in last Tuesday’s Precinct 1 Constable’s race. Tammy Bishop was the top vote getter with 569 votes and she will move on to the runoff May 26th. Then Jacob Cantu finished in 2nd with 477 votes however, Bill Griffin ended the night with 475 votes, just two votes from making the runoff. Now provisional ballots must be looked at before the Precinct 1 Constable runoff can be set. Liberty Co. Elections Administrator Klint Bush told that when a provisional ballot is cast it is placed in a sealed envelope. Then the Election Administrators office investigates the voters issue and presents those to the provisional ballot board. Klint Bush said a provisional ballot could be allowed for multiple reasons. For example, a voters name could be on the voting roster incorrectly. The Provisional Ballot Board meets tomorrow at 1 P.M. in the Election Administrators office on the second floor of the Liberty County Courthouse. It’s open to the public.


Coronavirus Myths: There are a number of falsehoods getting social media attention about the Coronavirus. Marcy de Luna with the Houston Chronicle created a list with some of those provable myths. She consulted with experts of the World Heath Organization, Centers for Disease Control, and Johns Hopskins Medicine. One Myth claims falsely: There is a vaccine already available to cure COVID-19. That’s the technical name for Coronavirus. The fact is there is absolutely not a vaccine available for the new Coronavirus. Scientists are working tirelessly on a vaccination but nothing yet. Myth 2 – another falsehood: A facemask will protect you from Coronavirus. According to the World Health Organization wearing disposable surgical masks, for those who are not sick, is not recommended. They don’t fit tightly, making it possible for infected respiratory droplets of COVID-19 to get into the nose, mouth or eyes. Myth # 3 also proved false. If you Spray alcohol or chlorine all over you body that will kill the new Coronavirus. Again this is false. In fact doing so could be more harmful to your mucous membranes, including your eyes and mouth. That one comes from scientists at WHO.


Allen Youngblood Recovering: We reported earlier that, a local news website owned by Allen Youngblood, had been off line due to Mr. Youngblood’s illness. He has been hospitalized 40 days but hopes to be back soon. He thanks his friends for their emails, concerns, and prayers.

Lake Release: 12,000 CFS – Liberty Bridge: 18.6 ASL

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