Mont Belvieu Pipeline Explosion

It was just before 4:30 PM Wednesday July 29th, a pipeline owned by Lone Star NGL erupted in flames at an energy transfer facility in Mont Belvieu.  Reports from the scene indicate cause of the eruption was that a contractor had accidentally cut that line. Firefighters contained the leak, and monitored the situation while those flames burned out. Efforts to control the fire got nationwide news coverage. Once the leak was sealed off a wait followed for the fire to burn itself out. That also resulted in closing down State Highway 146, a short distance between FM 565 and FM 1942. Water pressure within the city of Mont Belvieu was affected during the fire suppression activity because water was being diverted to the area of the pipeline plant.  Information indicates there were no known injuries reported when a Lone Star NGL pipeline was apparently cut by a contractor. Shortly after 8:00PM Wednesday night State Highway 146 was reopened.

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