More than 500 as COVID continues to climb

The biggest single day in history of new cases of the dreaded Covid -19 hit Liberty County in a report first aired on KSHN Sunday afternoon. That record setter is 59 new cases. That brings the total overall number now pushing past 500 to 501 confirmed cases of the dreaded beast that we call Coronavirus. This latest report of 59 news cases showed 18 of those cases on the North End of Liberty County 43 new cases are recorded in the south end. 25 of those new confirmations are Male and 34 are women. The age categories are fairly well balanced, except for young adults. Those in their 20’s have 12 new cases and in their 30’s there are another 12 positive covid cases. By the way the better news is that 124 cases in Liberty County have recovered. To date 3 people has died from the effects of the coronavirus. 100 men and women in their 20’s have this beast we call covid 19. In the age from 30 to 40 there are 101 Liberty Countians who are confirmed positive since this count began back in March. Again, 59 new confirmed cases were reported early Sunday afternoon since our last report. That is the biggest new report in the history of Covid 19 in Liberty County.

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