Mother’s Day History

Sunday is Mother’s Day.  The official Mother’s Day in the US began in the early 1900s. says a woman by the name of Anna Jarvis wanted to honor mothers for the sacrifices they make for their kids. Following her own mother’s death in 1905, Anna Jarvis started Mother’s Day. Just before the Civil War, Anna’s mother, Ann, helped create Mother’s Day work clubs. That was to teach mothers then how to take better care of their children. Still divided over the Civil War, the Mother’s Day clubs served as a unifying force in West Virginia. I. In a quest to honor her own mom, in 1908, Anna got financial help from a John Wanamaker, a department store owner in Philadelphia. That year Mother’s Day was celebrated at a Grafton West Virginia Methodist Church. It was also celebrated at the department store Mr. Wanamaker owned. That’s when Mother’s Day in the US really began. Tomorrow we will talk about how Mother’s Day grew into what it is today. It is for good reason, we believe, one of the biggest holidays, especially in terms of what we spend nationwide. While it may not be that big, for the very obvious reasons, we’ll look at that part of the story tomorrow.   

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