Murder in Chambers County

In the chaos of COVID-19, we missed a report of a murder in Chambers County. On March 20th, Chambers County Sheriff Brian Hawthorne reported the Jefferson County Medical Examiner has confirmed that Scott Privat, age 50, was murdered and the cause of death was by gunshot wound. Preliminary investigation reveals that he was ambushed in the early hours of Thursday, March 19th. The homicide investigation team of Sheriff’s Office Detectives and Texas Rangers are asking friends, family and associates of the victim, along with the public to contact the Chambers County Sheriff’s Office if you have information that could be related to the murder of Scott Privat. It was around 8 am Thursday March 19 when Chambers County Deputies were sent to the 10,000 block of F.M. 562 in the Double Bayou area of Chambers County in reference to a deceased person. Deputies determined the man had died from what appeared to be a gunshot wound. Again, the victim has been identified as Scott R. Privat, age 50, who had recently located to Chambers County from Seabrook, Texas.

That investigation is ongoing by the Chambers County Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigation Division and Texas Rangers ; if you have any information that might be useful in the investigation of this case please call 409-267-2500 or Crimestoppers at 844-860-8477.

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