NASCAR Recognizes JT Corbitt

A Liberty High School Graduate was honored Sunday for his work as a frontline healthcare worker during the COVID-19 pandemic. J.T. Corbitt, now a respiratory therapist at St. David's Hospital in Austin will have his name on the door of a NASCAR drivers’ car at “The Real Hero’s 400” this Sunday at Darlington Raceway on FOX. Each driver in the race will have a healthcare frontline worker's name on their car. Fox affiliates around the country nominated healthcare workers.  J.T. was selected by Fox 7 TV in Austin. This race on Sunday kicks off an initiative by 14 sports leagues, including NASCAR, to honor medical professionals serving on the frontline in the fight against COVID-19. This race on Sunday is the first effort to get restarted in an attempt to move back towards a level of normalcy or at least to start that effort.  JT’s name was submitted to Fox 7 TV by his supervisors and St. David’s Chief Medical Officer Andrew Moore in Austin. In an interview with Fox 7 TV in Austin, Dr. Moore said, quoting now:J.T is a frontline soldier, went in there, did his job, and, he did exceptional work,” end quote. The doctor went on the say:  It was thru in no small part of J.T.’s work that the patient was able to start breathing on his own.” end quote. In the same Fox 7 report, J.T. Corbitt said:  “we care about these people so much, and that is why we would come back and do it every day” end quote. J.T. Corbitt – an LHS graduate who was raised in Liberty. He is the son of Tina Fleming. His Stepfather, Billy Fleming, was a long-time medic and firefighter of the Liberty Fire Department and is now a supervisor with the Humble Fire Department. Billy & Tina Fleming continue to live in Liberty.  The NASCAR race on Sunday starts at 2:30 on Fox 26. Again, Liberty native J.T. Corbitt will have his name on a NASCAR driver's car Sunday at the “The Real Heroes 400” at Darlington Raceway. That’s for his courageous work as a respiratory therapist at St. David’s hospital in Austin during the COIVID-19 pandemic. KSHN.COM salutes J.T. Corbitt, for putting his life on the line to help with the fight in the COVID-19 pandemic. You, sir, you are a true hero and thanks to Fox 7 TV in Austin for help with this report.

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