New County COVID Numbers

The Liberty County Office of Emergency Management updated the latest confirmed case numbers in the Covid 19 Pandemic. The total number of cases of coronavirus in Liberty County, since reporting began in mid-March, inched ever closer to the frightening level of a 1000 case mark.  To be exact, there have now been 955 cases of Covid 19 confirmed in Liberty County.  34 Liberty County residents have died due to symptoms of this vicious virus.  400 cases are considered still active, however there have been 521 folks who are now being counted as recovered. The number of new cases was thankfully much lower than in the past few days with 9 confirmed new cases of Covid 19 here in Liberty County. Of these new cases, 3 were from north of state highway 105 here in Liberty County while 9 cases were from the south part of the county. 4 were male and 5 were female. Of these new cases 1 was  found in a person under 10 years of age, 3 in their 20’s, 1 each in their 30’s and 40’s, 2 in their 50’s and 1 in their 60’s. Repeating, there have been 9 new cases of Covid 19 diagnosed in Liberty County. 946 total cases since mid-march, presently 391 are Active Cases, 521 reported as recovered and 34 members of our county have died from this disease.

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