New industry coming to Dayton Colgan – Wilson Metals LLC

During the Monday, September 21st Dayton City Council Meeting a resolution was adopted that authorizes an Incentive Agreement for Business and Commercial Development between the Dayton Community Development Corporation (DCDC) and Colgan – Wilson Metals LLC, also known as Colgan Industries being located on Klemp Road.  The DCDC may provide up to $20,500 in incentives to Colgan, which will offset some of the expenses involved in permitting, cost of construction, as well as any costs associated with their relocation.  Colgan agrees to invest a minimum of 1.9 million dollars for this industrial project. Colgan Industries will operate at the industrial complex, 825 Klemp Road in Dayton. That large industrial building has been vacant since AMICO closed the plant in Dayton. Part of the agreement stipulates that Colgan Industries will employ at least 15 fulltime workers, each earning at least $71,000 per year. The employee level must be maintained through December 2026. The DCDC agrees to pay the first year of membership dues for Colgan to be in the Dayton Chamber of Commerce.