New Refuge Manager

Trinity River National Wildlife Manager Dean Bossert

We reported some time ago the long time Trinity River refuge manager Stuart Marcos had retired. His replacement as the new Trinity River National Wildlife manager is Dean Bossert.  Mr. Bossert arrived on June 10th, from his previous assignment as the assistant manager of the Big Muddy River refuge in the state of Missouri. He said he was happy to get back to alligator country. Dean Bossert studied at Louisiana State University while working on his Masters Degree. During that graduate work he did research on alligators. Not all Alligators are kept in captivity because a certain percentage are returned to the wild. Mr. Bossert explained that once gators are released from captivity, they do not stop growing, but lost weight, He further explained that alligators in captivity are fed and when released they have to learn again how to hunt for their own food. If they survive a year then they will be all right. By then they have learned to find their own food. Bossert began his career with the Fish and Wildlife Services doing wetland permitting, which is an integral part of what he is expected to do as the new Manager of The Trinity River National Wildlife Refuge. The Trinity River National Wildlife Refuge is located at 601 FM 1101, just north of Liberty. You can get additional information by going to their Facebook page TrinityRiverNWC  or call the refuge at 936-336-9786.