New Runway for Liberty Airport

On a recent RadioVision Partyline program, Liberty Assistant Manager Chris Jarman reminded our listeners ands viewers that TXDOT had a grant available where they would pay 90% of the cost to refinish the City of Liberty Municipal Airport runway. But there has bee a big change from that original announcement. Yesterday, Mr. Jarman said TxDot engineers have determined that the runway needs more than just refinishing, it needs to be replaced. He said that project went from an $840,000 project to $2.8 million. The City of liberty’s match is still 10%, so now the Liberty Community Development Corporation has voted to approve the additional funding, and will provide the $288,000 for the 10% city’s match to the grant. Chris Jarman said now the city will get an all new runway out of the deal.

The runway project is currently in the design and engineering phase with TxDot engineers. Assistant City Manager Chris Jarman said that is the first step, now that the LCDC has approved the matching funds for an entirely new runway. Just so there is no confusion the city of Liberty is also still trying to add length to the runway, extending it to over one mile in length. This is not that project – that effort is still in the proposal stage. This effort is to replace entirely the existing runway.


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